When technology meets comfort

Quand la technologie rencontre le confort

Innovation in the textile industry never ceases to amaze, offering materials with extraordinary properties. The cotton we have chosen stands out among these remarkable advances. Using revolutionary technology, this fabric combines the natural qualities of cotton with enhanced properties to create a unique wearing experience.

Here, we explain why, it was THIS COTTON that caught our eye by exploring its superlative properties that redefine clothing comfort.


His Super Powers

  1. Liquid resistance : It has exceptional water resistance. Thanks to special treatments, the drops of water slide on the fabric without impregnating it, offering protection against splashes, light showers and above all, above all, sweat. It is for this power that keeps our dress dry, even if we sweat.

  2. Breathability : Despite its ability to repel water, it remains breathable. It allows air to circulate through the fibers, thus avoiding the feeling of suffocation that can be felt with certain waterproof fabrics.

  3. Exceptional comfort : The technology implemented does not alter the natural texture of the cotton, guaranteeing a soft and comfortable feel against the skin. This makes it an ideal choice for clothes that feel good!

  4. Durability : The properties of this cotton are durable and stand up to repeated washings, making it a reliable choice for garments that must stand the test of time. What's great is that after washing, you put your garment on a hanger, and as soon as it's dry, you can wear it!


The Technology Behind the Comfort

The technology that gives this cotton its exceptional properties lies in the special treatments applied to the fibres. These treatments modify the structure of the cotton fibers to make them water repellent, while preserving their natural texture. The result is a material that repels water while allowing body moisture to escape, providing a feeling of extended comfort.

And as always, for the materials we use, it's OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means it's healthy for the skin and the planet.



This cotton embodies the encounter between technological innovation and natural comfort. With its exceptional properties of water resistance, breathability and durability, this fabric redefines the way we approach everyday clothing. Whether it's a walk in the rain or an ordinary day, it offers an unparalleled wearing experience, combining practicality, style and comfort.

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