Les shampooings

As with the shower, you can start with a liquid shampoo .

It has the advantage of being the champion in terms of use, we have always been used to this product format. It exists for all hair types. It can be transferred very quickly from one container to another, to be able to travel for example. We can buy it in large quantities, and thus refill our container as soon as necessary.

Solid shampoo has become more popular in recent years. You can find your happiness, whether your hair is dry, normal, curly, oily or colored.

In general, it is found in the form of a canelé, a pebble, or any form that can be held in the hand. The principle of use is simple: either rub it into wet hair, or lather it in your hands before massaging your scalp. Don't be surprised, it lathers much less than a conventional shampoo!



It has several advantages: It is more concentrated than its cousin, the liquid shampoo, because it is devoid of water. Its composition makes it possible to space out the number of washes and it does not contain silicone, which "suffocates" your hair. In general, a solid shampoo lasts 3 times longer than a liquid shampoo It is zero waste, easy to transport and store, you can slip it anywhere, and in general, the brands that develop them have an ecological conscience!

Know that when you switch from so-called "conventional" shampoo to an organic or natural product, don't be surprised, you will realize that you are entering a transition period.

Indeed, silicones and other chemicals being removed, your hair will have to get used to this new change. They may be rough, sticky, dull, with dandruff or you will have an itchy scalp... And that's NORMAL, and even a very good sign, and really it's worth it!

For my part, I had to detox my hair (yes!), for a great result with this poultice + Floral water.


I also used this hair oil, which has cleansed my scalp.


So, ready to test natural or organic shampoos?

You will not regret it !

....../ be continued

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