Food, a vast subject!!

L'alimentation, vaste sujet !!

Indeed, the doctor told me 2 things: "Cancer feeds on sugar , so please, limit as much as possible, and stop the tap water !?".
Quit sugar...? To know that I am a fan of pastry and that my favorite dish is a dessert? ! But, stopping sugar does not mean not having fun anymore...?, phew!

Stopping sugar means reviewing your diet, removing all refined and hidden sugars. And there, how to say .. the task is difficult!
Mind-blowing to see all the sugar present in what we eat.

To start slowly, the first piece of advice I received was to remove from my diet all overly refined products such as white flour (the T45-55-65..), white sugar, white rice, and all that. which is too transformed. For me, it was a real questioning and a great learning.

I have always cooked and have never been a fan of ready-made meals, and frankly I was surprised to make so many discoveries about food.

With the advice of a nutritionist who accompanies people who have been confronted with the disease, I opted for the ketogenic diet. You may hear low Carb, keto, LCHF, hypotoxic ketogenic.. I prefer not to talk about diet (it annoys me this term, for me it's a way of life?).

By the way, which I regret not having adopted earlier...


The principlelimits carbohydrates (in the strict form we consume 20g per day!). To give you an idea, if at breakfast you eat 2-3 slices of bread, you will have consumed 24g of carbohydrates... it goes very quickly!

Thank you to all these apps that allow us to know the share of carbohydrates in our food.

So we limit carbohydrates and we provide lipids?, so we force the body to use them as a source of energy. This produces ketone bodies which are then burned to produce the fuel needed as an energy source. Conversely, in the so-called classic diet, carbohydrates are the main fuel.

Said like that, it sounds easy, but in reality, after so many years, cutting carbs is hot!! it means "Ciao bread, pasta, rice, sweet products, cereals, fruits..."


My first reaction: "But what am I going to be able to eat???!!"


Finally, many things. Exit wheat flour, and welcome to coconut flour.

Welcome to all kinds of fat? such as oils rich in omega-3, coconut oil, olive oil, seeds and oilseeds, avocados, eggs, ghee... Moreover, you will very often see an avocado as a symbol of the ketogenic diet.

On the other hand, before you start, I strongly advise you to talk about it with a nutritionist. In particular, if you attack in a period when you feel in poor shape. Indeed, it is a change in our way of life and as with everything, we need to be shown the way before passing the cap.

salmon dish

For my part, I opted for the ketogenic diet, you can orient yourself towards the paleo, the vegan, the Mediterranean diet or simply choose a more balanced diet...

I will tell you more about it with tasty recipes in a future post.

......../....... to be continued

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