Water, water

De l'eau, de l'eau

Sugar was a vast project: find out about refined foods or not, about carbohydrates, what is good or not... I refer you to the articles on food.

And of course on the water , it will be the same research. Because with my ecological conscience, I'm not ready to go back to consuming bottled water. But I need to understand...

There are French and international studies, which I will not detail here (let's stay positive), which allowed me to get a much clearer idea about WHY stop using tap water. (Type in your search engine "water drug residue" or "micro-pollutants" if you want to give you an idea).

bamboo and water

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to remedy this, depending on your budget and your needs:

The ceramic pearls that we dip into the carafe of water. The principle: they are immersed in a carafe of water and left to act for 30 minutes. The pearls are composed of active micro-organisms and remove limescale, chlorine and most of the residues. The taste and appearance of the water changes radically thanks to the pearls. Coffee and tea lovers appreciate... The pearls are usable for life.

Vegetable charcoal : a stick of activated charcoal, which is immersed in a carafe of water and left to stand for at least 8 hours. You can find them in organic stores. One stick can filter for 3 months. To reactivate it you boil it for 10 minutes and it's off again for 3 months.


Dynamization : is carried out thanks to vortex jugs, dynamizing carafes and it is the same principle used in shower heads, you know those with small mineral balls. The principle: the vortex created makes the water much softer and brings positive energy to the body.

The filter jug : the most widespread product to date, because it is super practical and accessible. You find it in all shops. It includes a filter to change in general every month, to provide therefore in its budget.

The purifier that attaches directly to the faucet. The advantage: the water is filtered instantly. And the filter lasts between 3 to 6 months depending on the models and the hardness of the water.

Filtration fountains come in the form of a fountain that you leave in your kitchen, for example. You fill the upper part and the filtration begins. You take water from the tap when you need it. Their filters are so powerful that you keep them between 7 and 11 years
(about 11,000 liters of filtered water).

The cost may seem high at purchase, so I invite you to do the math, if only over 7 years.

The reverse osmosis system : the most efficient but with some constraints. The goal is to have the cleanest water possible. Exists in the form of a fountain that is placed on the worktop.

Activated carbon : depending on your budget, you can install an activated carbon-based system to remove the bad taste and certain drug residues. It does not filter nitrates and minerals well. This system is installed at the level of the cold water inlet, and it makes it possible to filter the water of the complete habitat.

The GIE ®: if you have the budget and you are the owner, this is the best solution! The water is thus softer and more beneficial for the skin, there is no wastage of water, it really preserves the pipes as well as your household appliances.

There are many other solutions!

Thinking about another way of consuming water, in your daily life, in your travels, at work, with the children, will allow you to act on your health & on the environment.

In addition, being an ecological solution, your budget will appreciate. Also, have no doubt, there is an alternative to bottled water that will suit you!

I thank this doctor for his precious recommendations.

......./....... to be continued

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