10 benefits of the low carb diet*

10 bénéfices de l'alimentation low carb*

In France, 50 kg of sugar are consumed per year (including 45 kg in processed foods).

However, our body is not made to assimilate so much sugar.

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1. You will look younger!

The body needs energy to breathe, move, work, breastfeed, filter urine...

However, if we consume too many cooked or grilled sugars, our body stores toxins, such as acrylamide. Concretely, if we consume too many fries, crisps, white bread, biscuits, or even cereals, toxins are produced and stored in the body. It is the phenomenon of glycation which greatly accelerates the aging of all our metabolic functions (those we need to breathe, move, pee, etc.). If you want to know more, the report of the European commission. In short, sugar makes you age…

2. It reduces migraines

In the ketogenic diet, the proportions carbohydrates/lipids/proteins are changed, and the proteins have a pain-relieving property . A little tip: if you always have migraines before your period, reducing carbohydrates and increasing proteins and good fats considerably reduces the pain. At breakfast, you can replace your buttered toast with 2 eggs or even homemade granola, at lunch you swap the pasta for zucchini spaghetti that you generously garnish with bacon and cream sauce, a treat.

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3. For athletes, it allows you to dry out without losing muscle.

In 2012, Prof. Tim. Noakes gave his mea culpa. He is an eminent specialist in the physiology of exercise. He apologized to athletes for having promoted a diet rich in carbohydrates, to have energy (the famous pasta dish before a test). He tested his program less sugars and more fats and proteins and he has, to his credit, more than 70 marathons and ultramarathons. To attack this kind of diet, be followed and accompanied, you will not be disappointed with your performance!

4. You will slim down

One of the characteristics of this diet is that the body will seek in the fat that has been stored and therefore little by little the body is refined, since it has drawn on the reserves.

The first conclusions for a low-carb diet date back to 1863 . William Banting, who is obese, loses 20 kg in 9 months thanks to a low carbohydrate diet. Try ! This will be an opportunity to eliminate this bead which no longer wants to leave!

5. Your pancreas says thank you!

Indeed, when we consume too much sugar , it takes a lot of insulin to manage all those carbohydrate calories, and our pancreas gets tired . (as a reminder, insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas to move sugar into our cells in order to provide the energy necessary to function). However, when our pancreas gets tired, sugar stagnates in our body and generates fatty deposits . This over-consumption can have the consequences of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, acne… In short, we avoid!

6. And your liver takes over.

The lipids that we ingest are used as an energy source by the liver. This produces ketones (that's why we say ketogenic!) which are burned to provide the energy we need ! And for those who are worried, the liver knows how to make glucose ...thanks to gluconeogenesis metabolism (and yes, I have researched this!). So we are not lacking. That's why we have a great boost of energy throughout the day!

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7. You find a palate worthy of the name

In the low carb* diet, spices, aromatic herbs and green vegetables play a major role. But especially not in the steam cooking mode + drizzle of olive oil!

You can cook creamy ginger spinach, zucchini pancakes, parmesan tomatoes , or any kind of generous gratins with a cream and mascarpone mixture . We must have a good proportion of lipids and proteins, respectively 70% (or even more!) and 25%. Imagine the taste possibilities available to you!

8. Discover foods

Reducing the carbohydrates on our plate also involves changing some of what is in our cupboards...

Coconut oil or TMC oil, psyllium, lupine flour, coconut sugar, tiger nut, cocoa butter ... there are plenty of foods to (re)discover (sometimes with barbaric names!), which will allow you to have fun in the kitchen .

The ideal is also to buy vegetables from organic farming . You will rediscover the taste of food, if you were used to prepared meals!! And even if it means adopting a healthier diet, you might as well limit pesticides and any other product.

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9. Test lots of new recipes

Changing your diet means testing, discovering, also missing new recipes.

Fail, because in pastry, for example, wheat flour is no longer used... so the alchemy between flour and yeast is obtained differently... here is a new world to discover.

I refer you to my article on the books I recommend to get you started.

10. You will feast without guilt

Homemade mayonnaise, homemade whipped cream, pizza, tartiflette, stuffed tomatoes, chocolate mousse, zucchini lasagna, cheesecake, frittata..... does that make you want?? The basic ingredients change, the recipes remain... good discovery!

Here are the good recipes!


This is part of the beneficial effects of a low carbohydrate diet. Hoping to have given you the desire to put into practice to regain vitality at any time with a more refined silhouette, and above all an "inner" shape.

Your body will tell you " Thank you"

* Low carb = low in carbohydrates

......./.......to be continued

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