Who I am

I'm Véronique, a woman who likes to be "en goguette" because I'm a breast cancer survivor. So I decided to take this event ass an opportunity to change things.

First of all, because I was lucky to have met a doctor who told me "Be positive, the mindset plays a lot for healing". And she was right !

With the victory, I saw my femininity turned upside down because it's a new silhouette that you have to learn to love, with a big consequence: certain types of clothes can no longer be worn, because they are no longer suitable or they let us glimpse this breast which is no longer here

And that's without counting the mobility, the agility of our members which can become painful, you probably know that !

Les minettes en goguette

That's why Les Minettes en goguette happens:

_Because everyone has the right to choose an item of clothing they like.

_Because everyone need clothes that meet these new needs and the different lives we go through everyday (girlfriend, mother, lover, athlete, at work, sister..)

_Because life must remain good, and disease must not take over.

Staying positive is an esteem and a self-image that we rebuild and reclaim. 

What is it ?

Les minettes en goguette are clothes for all times of life, eco-responsible and gentle on your skin.

So ....

let's be feminine,

let's be cheerful,

let's be free in our actions.

_Because daily life can be quite busy, let's put our clothes on.

Our mission

To restore to women their self-esteem and confidence after having faced the disease.

Feeling pretty & good in your clothes is a necessary step for your personal reconstruction after a test of adversity. (That said, even without going through the disease box, feeling beautiful is very often a daily struggle! 😉).

Our desire ?

Allow you to find the garment that you like, that is timeless and that will become  an essential part of your wardrobe. And to be sure to meet your desires and needs, we will ask you to participate in the development of our parts, by answering our questionaries. 

The making off

What's behind the price : 
So many hours to design clothes !!

This is possible thanks to the meeting of super model makers (Camilla, Chantal, Delphine and Marine) who knew how to make the concept alive.

It starts with a detailed analysis of women responses we met at the hospital, combined with the troubles identified by Véronique, the designer.

Thanks to this we have decided on the way forward 👉

We started by creating the bra, while looking for the right materials to get a pretty feminine look while being very, very, very, very soft for scars, skin and environment.

Tests, tests and again tests with each time tests carried to see what works or not.

It doesn't look like it, but our clothes are technical!

They provide a solution to solve a problem related to one or more side effects.


We make the choice to propose clothes with certified fabric, at least OEKOTex 100.

it's the reference label in terms of health criteria.
This label certifies that the textile does not contain components harmful to health and controls the fabric at each stage of treatment. So all the elements of the final product are examined even the threads and finishes!

Thanks to the many criteria it checks the absence of prohibited substances, compliance with the legislation and adds constraints for those that are not yet regulated (pesticides, dyes, per fluorinated compounds...).

If you are looking for a label dedicated to health, it's it !

Our will is to take care of women who will wear our clothes. Working with fabrics that have certifications, skin properties is mandatory for us.

Our fabrics & accessories come from Italy, France, Spain and Portugal because it's important for us to work locally and we want to control (as much as we can) our ecological footprint.

As we are starting up, materials are more expensive for us because we order in small quantities (the more volume of orders there will be, the more and cheaper we can buy, and it's win-win for everyone.

Same thing with the choice of colours. Usually, black and white are "stock service", which means available without minimum of quantity. And if we want to offer you colours or patterns it's minimum 500 meters for an order.

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